Worries about petrol expenses are over, bring home this EV scooter for Rs 4,000, gives a range of 180 km

EV Scooters: People prefer such electric scooters which have high driving range. A similar EV scooter is available in the market Komaki TN-95. This scooter gives a top speed of 40 Kmph on the road. There is a luggage box at the back to keep the luggage in it.

Gives a range of 180 km on a single charge

Due to the high top speed, it is suitable for driving in both city and rural areas. This scooter runs for about 180 km once fully charged. Due to which employed people, students, housewives or elders can use it at home in their daily work.

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Gets high performance 74 V/50 Ah battery pack

The scooter is powered by a high performance 74 V/50 Ah battery pack. Not only this, the safety of the rider has been taken care of in this electric scooter, disc brakes have been given in both the wheels of the scooter. These brakes are more secure in controlling the vehicle than normal drum brakes.

Tubeless tires are given in stylish scooter

Apart from this, tubeless tires have been given in this stylish scooter and a digital console is available in it. Komaki TN-95 is available in the Indian market at a starting price of Rs 1,31,035 lakh ex-showroom. Its top variant is available for Rs 1,39,871 ex-showroom.

There are 2 variants of the scooter

At present, 2 variants of the scooter are available, in which different battery packs have been given. It has advanced features like DRL, Bluetooth connectivity, speedometer, digital tripmeter etc. The seat of the scooter has been made wide for a comfortable ride.

18 liters of boot space for luggage

The scooter has anti-skid technology and 18 liters of boot space. It has dual LED headlamps, LED front winkers, TFT screen, onboard navigation, sound system, on-ride calling, parking assist, cruise control and reverse assistance. The scooter gets two color options Metal Gray and Cherry Red. It gets three gear modes – Eco, Sports and Turbo. This scooter is fully charged in five hours.

4 thousand can be taken by paying down payment

According to the website bikedekho, the scooter can be taken by paying a down payment of Rs 4,000. For this, an installment of Rs 4,186 will have to be paid per month. This installment will have to be given for 3 years according to the interest rate of 9 percent. Please tell that it is possible to change according to the down payment.

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