One in three passenger vehicles will be gas or electric in the near future: Tata Motors

Tata Motors: Automobile maker Tata Motors aims to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel-based technologies. The aim is that about one-third of passenger vehicles are expected to be gas-powered or electric-powered in the near future, thus reducing the use of oil-powered vehicles.

Tata Motors is preparing to unveil the Altroz ​​iCNG, featuring their innovative ‘Integrated Inflating System for a Vehicle’. Additionally, the automaker has outlined its intention to introduce another electric model in FY2024. These advancements are expected to increase the proportion of gas-powered models and electric vehicles within Tata Motors’ passenger vehicle lineup to 15%, surpassing the current figures of 8% and 9%, respectively, within a time frame of three to four years. Will do

EV sales will increase

In December 2022, a report by Bain & Company predicted that electric vehicles (EVs) would account for 35% to 40% of total vehicle sales in India by 2030, resulting in annual average sales of around 16 million new EVs.

This forecast has prompted automobile manufacturers to respond by providing cleaner vehicle options. As a part of this trend, Tata Motors is all set to inaugurate a dedicated showroom exclusively for EVs in March.

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Other statistics of cars

Data from the state-run vehicle dashboard shows that sales of CNG vehicles reached 30,000 units in March 2023, more than three times the figures recorded in March 2021. In April 2023, Tata Motors achieved its highest ever sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) with total sales of 6,516 units.

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