Manoj Kumar: Manoj Kumar came as a messiah for this actor leaving Mumbai city and going to Delhi, this is how he helped

Manoj Kumar: Manoj Kumar is the name of the Bollywood industry which does not need any introduction. The actor who started his acting career in the year 1957 with the film ‘Fashion’ is also known as ‘Bharat Kumar’. Manoj Kumar made people’s eyes moist with his strong acting in many patriotic films. Manoj, who has made his special place in the hearts of people, also had a very big heart.

During an interview with BBC, Manoj Kumar shared an anecdote related to Amitabh Bachchan. He had told that Amitabh Bachchan had decided to leave Mumbai due to continuous failure in films and decided to go back to Delhi and live with his parents. In such a situation, it was Manoj Kumar who stopped Amitabh from going back.

Amitabh was offered to work in this film

Today there was a time in front of Big B who touched the heights of success when his films were continuously flopping. Due to this he was disappointed and Amitabh had decided to leave Mumbai and go back to Delhi. But at that time Manoj Kumar came as a savior for him and gave him a chance to work in his film ‘Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan’. Manoj Kumar had said, “Even when people were taunting Amitabh because of his failure, I had full faith in him that he would become a big star one day”. The director of this film was Manoj Kumar.

Manoj Kumar

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Manoj Kumar gets emotional remembering his friends. He further said, “When films of my close friends like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Pran come on TV, I change the channel because the memories of those actors make me cry. Gives”.

Manoj Kumar was born in Etabad, Pakistan.

Talk about Manoj Kumar’s personal life, then his real name is Harikishan Giri Goswami. Manoj was born on July 24, 1937 in Etabad, Pakistan in a Brahmin family.

M.Anoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar’s wife name is Shashi Goswami, they have three children named Karma Goswami, Vansh Goswami and Muskaan Goswami.

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