Kangana Ranaut got angry after seeing short clothes in the temple

Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut, known for her bold statements and domineering nature, has once again caught the attention of people with her tweet. In this latest tweet of hers, Kangana is scolding an unknown girl for her clothes. This tweet of his is once again being discussed a lot.

Kangana Ranaut again took ‘Panga’ (Kangana Ranaut)

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is a great actress but the actress is less known for her performance and more for her domineering nature. He has once again proved this with his latest social media post. In Kangana Ranaut’s latest tweet, she is abusing unknown girls for their costumes. Let’s know the whole matter.

Twitter user posted

In fact, a Twitter user shared a photo in which girls were going to Baijnath Shiva temple in Himachal in shorts. The user wrote in the caption – This is the scene of Baijnath, the famous Shiva temple in Himachal. Have reached Baijnath temple as if you have gone to a pub or nightclub. Such people should not be allowed to enter the temple. I strongly oppose it. Seeing all this, if my thinking is called small or poor, then also it is acceptable.

Kangana Ranaut got angry on girls

Bas Phir Kya Tha actress Kangana Ranaut also came in support of the user and re-tweeted that these are western clothes, which were made and promoted by the British. Once I was in the Vatican and I was wearing shorts, a T-shirt. I was not even allowed to enter the premises. I had to change at the hotel. These casuals wearing night dresses are lazy and stupid. I don’t think they will have any other intention but there should be strict rules for such fools.

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