Fouja Trailer: The story of a patriot who is touching everyone’s heart, trailer release of ‘Fouja’

Fouja Trailer: Many such films have been released in cinema halls, in which the story of the soldiers of the country has been shown. This episode includes films like ‘Border’, ‘Lakshya’, ‘Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo’. At the same time, now once again the story of such a person is going to be released, who is ready to go to any extent for his country.

Actually, the film ‘Fauja’ starring Bollywood actor Pawan Malhotra will be released in theaters very soon. Meanwhile, now the trailer of this film has been released, in which the spirit of patriotism has been shown. At the same time, the fans are also liking it very much.

story of a patriot

Actually, in this film, the story of a family from the state of Haryana has been brought to the screen, who dreams of sending their son to the army. At the same time, now the trailer of this film has also been released, in which it is shown that from the beginning a father dreams of sending his son to the army.

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movie trailer release

He also gives training to his son, but his son flatly refuses to join the army. He believes that his father has always been imposing things on him. That person is so broken by the son that wearing army uniform, he himself reaches to join the army.

A person becomes martyr for the country

After this it can be seen in the trailer that- the man pleads with the army officers to give him a chance and then something happens which leaves his family in a tizzy. It is shown in the trailer of the film that the man becomes a martyr for the country.

The film is based on a true incident

Let us tell you that this film is based on a true incident and the producer-director has dedicated this film to the Indian Army. At the same time, apart from Pawan Raj Malhotra, Janhvi Sangwan, Neeva Malik and others are in lead roles in this film.

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