Check this thing in the car every month, otherwise the moving vehicle will be seized anytime, millions will have to be spent

When to Change Coolant of Car: The way we take more care of our body in summer, in the same way extra care should be given to our beloved car to protect it from rising temperature. Often the temperature of the car rises in the summer. If the temperature rises beyond a limit, there is a risk of engine seizure. Let us tell you some easy tips by which your car will also remain cool and you will not have to loose much pocket on its service.

Coolant keeps the car cool

The job of coolant is to keep the car cool. Actually, coolant is a mixture of distilled water. But due to being air tight, it does not evaporate by becoming steam. Many times the coolant present in the car quickly loses its property when it is boiled or overheated.

Engine and radiator rust

We should check the coolant every month. The coolant gets hot and sticks to the bottle. This only lets water into the engine, which rusts the engine and radiator. This causes the car to overheat and then there is a danger of engine seizure.

car overheats

The circulation of the coolant goes through the water pump to the outer chamber of the engine. Which helps in keeping the engine cool. This circulation increases rapidly when the temperature is high. Low or no coolant causes the car to overheat and the engine will seize up and shut down.

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