Anupama will hug Anuj, then

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 26 May: In the latest episode of Anupama, fans will once again see Anuj-Anupama face to face, seeing which the fans will feel for a moment that maybe both are going to be together once again but the makers are not thinking anything like that. Actually Anuj-Anupama will be seen together but then they will go away.

Barkha-Vanraj engaged in game planning (Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 26 May)

In today’s latest episode, once again you are going to get a dose of entertainment. While the fans want to see the reunion of Anuj-Anupama, the makers have no such plans. In the last episode, you saw that on one hand Anupama is overjoyed to know about Kavya’s pregnancy, while on the other hand Maya, Barkha and Vanraj are busy with their own game plans.

Anupama will hug Anuj

Today it will be shown in the show that Anuj will go to meet Anupama on an excuse. He will try to tell Anupama the truth and tell her to never hate me. On this Anupama will hug him and say that I can never hate you. He is about to tell the truth when Anupama gets a call from Guru Maa. Anupama tries to listen to Anuj but Guru Maa keeps on calling on the phone. In such a situation, she talks to Guru Maa after cutting Anuj’s talk. Before Anuj could say anything to her, she left for Gurukul. Seeing all this, Anuj gets frustrated once again.

Guru Maa will scold Anupama

Leaving Anuj, Anupama reaches Guru Maa but she has to get scolded by Guru Maa for being late. On the other hand, when she sees Anuj’s name written on Anupama’s hand, she becomes more surprised. After Anupama leaves, Gurumaa thinks that you can fly high, but don’t let Anuj stop your flight. Now it has to be seen what new turn is going to come in the life of Anuj and Anupama.

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