World Sleep Day 2023: What is REM sleep and why is it considered important? Learn

World Sleep Day 2023: It is often heard that some people have dreams while sleeping at night. Sometimes it also happens that the reason for these dreams is that you go into a deep sleep and sometimes when you wake up, you do not even remember these dreams.

But have you ever thought why this happens? Sometimes it also happens that dreams are quite black and white, and why do they appear colorful sometimes? It also happens that you wake up after sleeping and if you fall asleep again, you get lost in the same story again.

What is REM sleep?

Actually, the time when you dream the most is called ‘REM’ i.e. ‘Rapid Eye Movement Sleep’. These are the dreams to which your deep emotions are attached. At the same time, during REM sleep, the brain is busy reinforcing its stock of positive emotions while reducing negative ones.

During this one’s mind is very active. Along with this, many activities also take place in the body during this time, such as- the eyes move rapidly inside the eyelids and along with the breaths, the heart rate and blood pressure also increase.

Why is REM sleep important?

According to a report, REM sleep i.e. ‘Rapid Eye Movement Sleep’ plays an important role in reading and storing the memories of any human being. It also prepares you to deal with the emotional problems of life and to overcome fear.

Not only this, but REM sleep helps us to think creatively and remember things. Also, our body needs 20-25 percent of REM sleep during the day.

duration of REM

Along with this, when you fall asleep, they happen only after 90 minutes. Also, it lasts for about 10 minutes and its last phase can last for an hour.

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