Woman killed, heart pulled out, cooked and eaten

America Murder Case: A heart-wrenching case has come to light from Oklahoma, America. A 42-year-old maniac from here had earlier killed a woman. Then took out his heart. Reached his home with it and cooked the heart and ate it himself and also served it to his family members. Then the craze became a predator. He also killed two more people, including a four-year-old child.

According to The Independent, the accused has been identified as Paul Anderson. He committed all these three murders in 2021. Now the court has sentenced him to life imprisonment. According to the information, he was released from jail only a few days before the execution of all the three murder incidents.

Murders after coming out of prison

According to media reports, within 30 days of his release from prison, he first killed a woman named Andrea Blankenship. After committing the murder, the accused Paul Anderson took out Andrea’s heart. Then took it to his home. Here he cooked the heart and ate it himself, as well as fed it to the family members. According to reports, he then killed 67-year-old Leon Pai and his 4-year-old granddaughter Keos Yates.

The accused was sentenced to 20 years in the drug case

According to information, the accused Anderson was sentenced to 20 years in a drug case, but was released after serving only three years. In fact, during the investigation of the case registered against him, it was found that he was mistakenly put in the punishment list.

It is being told that the police, who arrived after receiving information about the murder of Leon Pai and his granddaughter, caught the killer when he was vomiting. He later told the authorities about Blankenship’s murder as well. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation sought the death penalty for Anderson, but the court handed down five consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to murder, assault and dismemberment.

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