Why was the warrant issued against Putin, what is the meaning?

Ukraine Crisis: A new and major update came Friday evening amid Russia’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine. The update was that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. After this news, the reaction of Ukraine’s President Zelensky, who is facing war attacks, also came. Zelensky said that this is just the beginning. He described this decision of the International Court as the first step towards justice.

After the news of the arrest warrant against Putin from the International Criminal Court, discussion started whether Putin would be arrested? Why was a warrant issued for his arrest? After all, what is the meaning of this warrant and what is this International Criminal Court, which issued the order for Putin’s arrest. In this news, we will tell you the answers to these questions.

First Russia’s reaction to the arrest warrant

Russia’s reaction also came to the fore regarding the arrest warrant issued by the International Court of Justice. Russia not only rejected this warrant outright. Contrary to warrants from Moscow, Ukraine was accused of war crimes. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zharkova said that Russia is not a party to the Rome Statute. As such, there is no compulsion on him to execute any such warrant.

Now talk of International Criminal Court

The birth of the International Criminal Court is two decades old. It was set up under a 1998 treaty as a permanent body to investigate war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. This Court is also known as Rome Law. Britain is among the countries coming in the process of setting up this court. Countries like America are included. The official meeting of this court is held in The Hague, Netherlands, but its proceedings can be held anywhere, in any country.

How many countries agreed to take action against Putin?

In 2022, after the attack on Ukraine started in the last week of February, many countries imposed sanctions against Russia. Meanwhile, proposals were being made in the International Criminal Court regarding action against Putin. Not one or two, but entire 39 countries had agreed to this proposal. These included other countries including Britain, France, Netherlands. It is being said that after the completion of the investigation, ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmed Khan has issued an arrest warrant.

What now after the warrant is issued?

What happens after a warrant is issued by the International Criminal Court? The answer is that the responsibility of the countries that have accepted the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and are included in the Rome Statute has increased. If Putin comes to visit these countries, then it will be necessary to arrest him, although the possibility of Putin’s visit to any country coming under the jurisdiction of the International Court is negligible. It is clear from this that arrest of Putin is impossible.

Then what is the meaning of the warrant of the International Court of Justice?

If reports are to be believed, the International Criminal Court has no police force. Also, he does not have any such power that he can arrest the leader of any country. According to international law, the International Criminal Court can convict someone, issue an arrest warrant, but cannot arrest him.

Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media that Russia, like many other countries, does not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. He said that Russia is not even a member of the ICC, so this warrant has no meaning. According to experts, till there is no change of power in Russia, trial in ICC against Putin is not possible.

Now the important and important question is why the warrant was issued?

The International Criminal Court, which issued Putin’s arrest warrant, says that after Russia’s attack on Ukraine for more than a year, Putin is responsible for the kidnapping and deportation of children there, so an arrest warrant is issued against him. . Apart from Putin, the court also issued an arrest warrant for Russia’s Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova. Let us inform that in October 2022, the news of rehabilitation of Ukrainian children from Russia came to the fore.

Is there any pressure on India regarding the arrest warrant?

Apart from the above questions, another question is whether there is any kind of pressure on India to accept the warrant? According to political experts, there is no possibility of this at present.

Explain that even though India is one of the list of countries coming in the process of establishing ICC, but India is not included in the list of ‘Rome Statute’ that follows its rules. India did not participate in the voting on the Rome Statute in June-July 1998, objecting to the non-inclusion of war and the use of nuclear weapons.

Let us tell you that Russian President Putin has to come to India to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and the G20 conference. At present, it has not been officially announced.

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