‘Why don’t you keep Nehru surname’, Congress MP KC Venugopal gives notice of breach of privilege on PM Modi’s statement

Parliament Budget Session: Congress leader KC Venugopal has given a breach of privilege notice to PM Modi over his statement on Nehru surname. Last month, while replying to the President’s address, PM Modi attacked the Gandhi family for not using the Nehru surname.

Nehru and Indira were targeted

Responding to the motion of thanks on the President’s address, the PM had asked why there is a shame in using the Nehru surname? While he criticized Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi for repeatedly using Article 356 to topple state governments not headed by the Congress party.

The Congress MP has written the PM’s statement in this way, I am very surprised that, brother, Nehru ji’s name must have been missed by us at some point and if it is missed, we will correct it as well. Because he was the first Prime Minister of the country, but I do not understand why any person of his generation is afraid of keeping the surname of Nehru ji? what a shame What is the shame in having Nehru surname? You don’t approve of such a great person? The family does not approve.

Congress encircled on the pretext of federalism

Targeting the Congress on the issue of federalism, the PM said that the Congress governments led by Nehru and Gandhi used Article 356 of the Constitution at least 90 times to topple the state governments of several regional parties. Modi said that Indira Gandhi used Article 356 alone 50 times to topple the governments of regional parties in the states.

What is a notice of breach of privilege

Parliamentary Privileges are the rights enjoyed by the Members of Parliament, individually and collectively, to enable them to discharge their functions effectively. When any of these rights and immunities are violated, the offense is termed as breach of privilege and is punishable under an Act of Parliament.

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