When will Donald Trump be arrested? The date given by itself, appealed to the supporters to protest

Donald Trump: Former US President Donald Trump may be arrested soon. Trump himself has disclosed this. He said in a social media post that he can be arrested on Tuesday i.e. March 21. He has asked his supporters to protest in New York.

Claimed to have confidential information

According to the BBC report, Trump made a post from his social media account on Saturday morning. In which Trump said that he had received a confidential information from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that he would be arrested on Tuesday in an old case. But no information has been received about what the charges will be.

These are the allegations against Trump

Trump says New York prosecutors are probing cases involving money paid to some women. In fact, Trump is accused of giving money to women in exchange for sex and asking them not to make the matter public.

can be prosecuted

Law enforcement officials, including the district attorney’s office and the New York Police Department, are preparing security for the possibility that Trump could be indicted. The officers have also held a meeting in this regard.

Trump returns to social media after two years

The former US President has once again returned to the social media platform Facebook after a two-year ban. In his first post after returning to Facebook, Donald Trump wrote – I am back. The ban has also been lifted from Donald Trump’s YouTube. His YouTube account has been restored.

After the ban was over, Donald Trump posted a 12-second video of himself on Facebook and wrote in the caption that I am back. It is being said that this 12-second video is from the time when Donald gave his speech after winning the 2016 elections. It is also being said that through this video, Donald Trump has started his campaign for the 2024 elections.

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