US airport released video of Russian jet attack

New Delhi: The US Air Force on Thursday released a video of a collision between a Russian fighter jet and America’s advanced Reaper drone two days ago. The US says the drone was on routine patrol. Two Russian Su-27 fighter jets began flying over US drones in the southwest of Ukraine.

Kept a circle for about 40 minutes and then dropped fuel on the drone and damaged the propeller. After this the drone fell into the Black Sea.

Video stopped after collision

It can be seen in the video that the Russian jet is seen following the US unmanned drone. He started releasing fuel as he passed over it. The video transmission was paused after the Russian jet passed by.

What now after this incident?

Tension between the two countries has increased since the collision between the Russian jet and the American drone. US Air Force General James Hacker has called it extremely irresponsible action and provocative. On the other hand, Russia has denied these allegations. Russia says that it was just an accident. We will help America in finding the debris. We have better technology than America and NATO.

Aircraft were circling the international border

Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the Russian jet and the American MQ-9 Reaper drone came face to face over the Black Sea. During this, the Russian jet hit and damaged the propeller of the American drone. The incident took place when the US Reaper drone and Russia’s jet fighter were circling the international waters over the Black Sea.

The American drone had to land in the Black Sea after the propeller was damaged. US officials say that the Russian jet intentionally came in front of the American drone and started dropping oil from the jet. During this, a jet has damaged the propeller of the drone. This propeller was attached to the back of the drone.

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