PM Modi said – For the first time, focus on millet farmers

Global Millets Conference: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that 2.5 crore small farmers are directly involved in millets. Our mission for Mr. Anna is going to be a boon for these small farmers. Shree Anna Market will benefit them and the ecosystem associated with it. This will also strengthen the rural economy.

PM Modi attended the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference in Pusa, Delhi today. During this, he unveiled the official coin of the International Millet Year 2023 and also released a stamp. He said that I am proud that India is leading the ‘International Millet Year’.

PM Modi said- Glad that India is leading the International Year of Millets

Prime Minister Modi said that events like the Global Millets Conference are not only necessary for Global Good but also a symbol of India’s increasing responsibility for Global Goods. He said that when we take forward a resolution, the responsibility of taking it to perfection is equally important. I am happy that today when the world is celebrating ‘International Millet Year’, India is leading this campaign.

Prime Minister Modi said that it is a matter of great honor for us that after the proposal and efforts of India, the United Nations has declared 2023 as the ‘International Year of Millets’. More than 75 lakh farmers of India are virtually present with us in this ceremony today, which shows its importance.

PM Modi said that coarse grains have also been selected for One District One Product scheme in 19 districts of the country. India is currently chairing the G20. Its motto ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ is also reflected in the International Year of Millet. Bajra is also creating new jobs.

PM Modi said – startups in the field of coarse grains are going to impress

He said that the kind of new startups our young friends have come up with in this field is also impressive in itself. All this shows the commitment of India. PM Modi said that we have worked tirelessly to make Shri Anna a global movement. In 2018, we declared coarse grains as nutritious grains. To achieve this, we created awareness among farmers and created interest in the market.

The Prime Minister said that ‘Shri Anna’ is not limited to farming or eating only, those who are familiar with the traditions of India, they also know that ‘Shri’ does not connect with anyone in our country just like that. Where there is ‘Shri’, there is prosperity and there is totality.

He said that millet is mainly grown in 12-13 states in India. However, per capita domestic consumption in these states did not exceed 2-3 kg per month. Today it has increased to 14 kg per month.

PM said- ‘Shri Anna’ is also becoming a medium of overall development in India

PM Modi said that ‘Shri Anna’ is also becoming a medium of overall development in India, in which the village is also connected and the poor are also connected. Shree Anna means door to prosperity of small farmers of the country, Shree Anna means nutrition leader of crores of people of the country, Shree Anna means hospitality to the tribal society of the country, Shree Anna means more crop yield with less water, Shree Anna means chemical free Large base of agriculture and helpful in dealing with the challenges of Shree Anna i.e. Climate Change.

He said that India’s Millets Mission would be a boon for 2.5 crore marginal farmers. This is the first time after independence that any government is paying attention to the needs of millet producing farmers. When the market of bajra will increase, it will increase the income of 2.5 crore marginal farmers. Today, this effort of India in the form of International Solar Alliance is working as an effective platform for sustainable planet.

PM Modi said that whether it is leading the LIFE mission, achieving the goals related to Climate Change ahead of time, we take inspiration from our heritage, start the change in the society and take it to the spirit of world welfare. . This is also visible in India’s ‘Millet Movement’ today.

He said that being climate resilient is the strength of millets. Millets can be easily produced even in very adverse climatic conditions. Its production also requires relatively less water, due to which it becomes a favorite crop for places with water crisis.

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