Most Bada Question: Insult if you speak in London, don’t allow to speak in Parliament?

Biggest Question, 19 March 2023: Hello. I am Sandeep Chowdhary. Today in the biggest question we will talk about freedom of expression. Means freedom of speech. There is also some restriction in this. There is a Lakshman Rekha. Difference between criticism and insult. Insult and treason.

Parliament is the biggest temple of our democracy. Where our people’s representatives, whom we elect, also raise the voice of our concerns. And pure politics. And examined and also the flame. There will also be talk of the Adani case. Because all these things are related to each other.

No action in Parliament even on the fifth day

Parliament session is on. Today (Friday) was the fifth day of the second phase of the budget session. Like the last four days, no action could be taken in the House even today. Had to postpone Until 11am on Monday 20 March. And what is the reason? Same reason. Rahul Gandhi insulted the country across the seven seas in London. The BJP has even announced to run a nationwide campaign.

Mike remained muted amidst the ruckus

When the House started today, the same demand was heard from the ruling party that Rahul Gandhi should apologize, Rahul Gandhi should apologize. On the other hand, the opposition kept saying that let Rahul Gandhi speak, let Rahul Gandhi speak. Mike was also muted because there was ruckus in this chill-po. So nothing happened. Today the Lok Sabha lasted just 21 minutes.

Tool kit took entry amid allegations and counter-allegations

Accusing Rahul of insulting the country, four big ministers from the government appealed to Rahul to apologize. But today BJP’s national president JP Nadda took charge. He said that not only Rahul, the entire Congress has become a tool kit for anti-national activities. Tool kit also took entry. What is their intention, the country wants to know. They are talking anti-national against the elected government.

Now the country and the government have also been linked. This will become a narrative in the days to come. Governments keep changing. But the government has been linked to the country. It was said that it is shameful that Rahul Gandhi is seeking intervention from America and Europe in India.

George Soras, a big investor, criticized India. So joined George Soras and Rahul. It was said that the intention of George and Rahul would not succeed.

Kharge hit back at Nadda

Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge hit back at JP Nadda. Kharge said that the BJP itself is a traitor. The party which did not participate in the freedom movement of the country. They are calling others traitors. How can Rahul Gandhi commit treason? His family has made an unprecedented contribution to the freedom movement. Rahul is not being allowed to speak in Parliament. Why?

That’s what Rahul was saying

Rahul Gandhi was saying the same thing that democracy is being torn to shreds. He is not being allowed to speak. But in all these serious allegations against the Adani group. This matter is hot since 24 January. 18 parties have formally written a letter to the ED asking why they are not investigating.

So is there a connection between the fracas in Parliament and the probe into the Adani case? Watch the full video to know the answers to these questions…

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