Hey, what happened? Maruti lost in the race with this Renault car

Maruti Suzuki xl6 vs Renault Triber: For the last few years in the Indian car market, the craze for SUV cars has increased among the people. In such a situation, car manufacturers are also making new 7 seater cars. In February 2023, Renault Triber has done wonders in this segment. In fact, last month Maruti Suzuki’s dominance of two cars in the 7-seater segment was reduced.

maruti ertiga stood at number three

If you look at the figures, it is known that in the sales graph of the last month, Maruti Ertiga has reached number three and XL6 stood at ninth position. According to media reports, Renault Triber has been surprising everyone in the top-10 list at number 8. This car has got an annual growth of 27%.

XL6 sold less than 1,196 units

According to the news of Live Hindustan, 2,108 units of maruti Suzuki xl6 XL6 were sold last month. In February 2022, this figure was 3,304 units. That is, 1,196 units of XL6 were sold less with an annual degrowth of 36%. Whereas, Renault Triber sold 3,056 units last month. In February 2022, this figure was 2,397 units. That means it sold 659 more units with an annual growth of 27%. At the same time, there was a difference of 948 units between XL6 and Triber. These figures show that the demand for Triber in the market was more than that of XL6.

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