From taunting the opposition with black vaccines to the achievements of the first 75 days of 2023… What did PM Modi say? learn

PM Modi Speech: ‘When the country is full of self-confidence, full of determination, the scholars of the world are also optimistic about India, then the talk of humiliating India and breaking the morale of India is like a black vaccine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said these things in a TV channel program on Saturday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today the world’s biggest economists, analysts and thinkers are saying that I told Red Fort 20 months ago – this is the time, the right time. Even then the feeling was the same – 🐓🐡🐢🐬 He said that today the world is realizing that India’s ideas and potential are for Global Good, so today the world is saying –

PM Modi said that today the whole world is filled with a belief about India. Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world. Today India is the number one smartphone data consumer in the world. Today India is number one in global fintech adoption rate. Today India is the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world. Today India has the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world.

PM Modi said – Earlier there used to be headlines…

Prime Minister Modi said that earlier TV and newspaper headlines used to be – scam of so many lakh crore rupees in this sector, people came out on the streets against corruption. Today there are headlines – Due to the action taken in the cases of corruption, the fearful corrupt people mobilized and took to the streets. PM Modi said that earlier there used to be headlines of bomb blasts in cities, headlines of Naxalite incidents and today there are more news of peace and prosperity.

PM Modi said that whatever India is achieving today, behind it is the power of our democracy, the power of our institutions. The world is seeing today that the democratically elected government in India is taking decisive decisions. India’s economy is strong today amidst the global crisis. Today the whole world is filled with a belief about India. Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world.

Prime Minister Modi said that the way of finding solutions to problems only through government and power gives very limited results, but when the strength of 130 crore countrymen gathers, when everyone’s efforts are put in, then any problem facing the country can stand. Can’t find

Big statements of PM Modi in the program

  • Action on corrupt- Earlier scams worth lakhs of crores used to make headlines. Bomb blasts, Naxalite incidents used to make headlines. He said that the media first collected TRP by showing scams, now it is increasing TRP by showing action against the corrupt.
  • There is a tradition of applying black tika if it is auspicious. Auspicious things are happening in the country, so some people have taken up the responsibility of applying black vaccine.
  • This is India’s time – we are moving ahead in the face of pandemic and war. India has different and bigger challenges. The world is saying that It Is India’s Moment. What I said 20 months ago from the Red Fort, the whole world is saying today. The whole world is full of faith in India and we are the witness of it.
  • Big Changes in 75 Days – The specialty of India Moment is performance with promise. Shivamogga airport was built in 75 days in the year 2023. The biggest river cruise started from Varanasi in just 75 days. IIT Dharwad campus was inaugurated in 75 days. E-Sanjeevani was launched in India in 75 days. 100% railway electrification in 75 days. The country got 2 Oscar Awards.
  • Operation Dost went on in Turkey in 75 days, many G-20 meetings took place. When the next phase of Mumbai Metro started, the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway was inaugurated. E-20 FU, Helicopter Factory, Largest Aviation Order. What happened in the first 75 days of 2023 is India’s moment.

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