Fifth day today, Rahul Gandhi will present his case

Parliament Budget Session: Today is the fifth day of the budget session of the Parliament. The first four days of the second phase had to be postponed due to Rahul Gandhi’s speech in London and the Adani case. Rahul Gandhi met Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Thursday and sought time to present his point in the House. Today, if the proceedings of the House go on smoothly, then Rahul Gandhi can speak on this issue.

four days of uproar

Let us tell you that the first four days of the second phase of the budget session, which started on March 13, have been marred by uproar. Proceedings were first adjourned till 2 pm on Thursday and then till 11 am on Friday.

Earlier, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju had said that if Rahul Gandhi says something and because of him the problems of the Congress increase, then we cannot do anything in this matter. But if he insults the country then as an Indian we cannot remain silent. He said that Rahul should apologize in this matter.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, replying to Rijiju, said that earlier on many occasions the PM had gone abroad and spoken. In such a situation, there is no question that Rahul should apologize for his statement.

Rahul targeted the government

Earlier, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who returned from a foreign tour, reached Parliament. After the proceedings of the House were adjourned till Friday morning, he held a press conference on the issue of his speech in London. He said that he went to Parliament this morning. I told the speaker that I want to keep my point.

Four ministers of the government have accused me of maligning democracy abroad. That’s why I have the right to keep my point in the Parliament. But the house was adjourned in just a minute. I am hopeful that he will be allowed to speak tomorrow on Friday. Because I want to have my say.

This spectacle to divert from the issues

On the demand of apology by the ministers of the government, Rahul Gandhi said that this whole matter is to divert from the issues. The government and the PM are scared of the Adani case. That’s why they have prepared this ‘tamasha’. I think I will not be allowed to speak in Parliament. The main question is what is the relation between Modiji and Adaniji?

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