Every phone has different setting for 5G service, start like this

5G Service Enable Setting in Smartphone: 5G service has been started in most of the states in India. According to telecom companies, by the year 2024, 5G network will be made available across India. On the other hand, if 5G service has started in your area but you are not able to use this service even after having a 5G phone, then you can enable this service by going to the settings of the phone.

Today we are going to tell you from the setting of the phone of different smartphone company, how you can take advantage of the service by enabling the 5G service. Let us know that by setting what in your phone, 5G service can be used.

Sim must be updated for 5G service

Actually, to use 5G service, your phone must be 5G. Apart from this, you should have a Jio or Airtel SIM, because till now both these companies have started their services in most areas of the country. However, you don’t need to get a new SIM for this, you just have to update your 4G SIM.

This is how to enable 5G service in your smartphone

Samsung Smartphones 5G Enable Settings- If you have a Samsung 5G phone, then in its settings, you will see the option of connection, select it. After that choose the option of Mobile networks. After this select 5G LTE 3G 2G auto connected option on network mode.

Vivo and iQ Smartphones 5G Enable Settings- Vivo and IQ phones have the same 5G setup. For this, select the Sim One and Sim Two options in the settings. Now click on Mobile network, then choose network mode and select 5G mode.

Google Pixel Android phones 5G Enable Settings- To start 5G service in the phone, go to the setting of the phone. Here click on the Network and Internet option. After this, click on the SIMS option and then click on the preferred network type and select the 5G service.

OPPO Smartphones 5G Enable Settings- To start 5G service in Oppo phones, go to Settings. Here you will see the Connection and Sharing option, after selecting it, tap on Sim One and Sim Two. After that select your profile network type. After this select 2G 3G 4G 5G automatic option.

Xiaomi and POCO Smartphones 5G Enable Settings- To start 5G in Xiaomi and Poco phones, you have to go to Settings and select the SIM card and mobile option. After this, there will be an option of 5G network by selecting propose network type, select it and 5G service will start in your phone.

OnePlus Smartphones 5G Enable Settings- Go to Settings in OnePlus smartphones. Here there will be an option of WiFi and network, after selecting it, click on the SIM and network option. Now by clicking on Profile Network Type, you can enable 5G service by selecting 2G 3G 4G 5G Automatic option.

Realme Smartphones 5G Enable Settings- If you want to start 5G service in realme smartphone then first go to setting then go to connection and sharing option and tap on sim one and sim two option now you have to go to profile network type and select 2G 3G 4G 5G Select Automatic.

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