After killing his brother, threw the dead body into the lake, then changed his identity, after 8 years ..

Crime News: In Bengaluru, Karnataka, the police has revealed a sensational murder (Crime News) that took place eight years ago. A woman allegedly hacked her brother’s body into pieces after killing him and then packed it in three bags and dumped it in a lake. However, the youth’s head has not been recovered yet. Police has arrested the accused woman.

This sensational incident is of the year 2015

According to the information, the case is of the year 2015. The Bangalore police busted Shaniva’s murder mystery by arresting a woman named Bhagyashree and her live-in partner Shivaputra. The man killed eight years ago has been identified as Lingaraju Siddappa Pujari of Vijayapura district. Disclosing the matter, the police said that Lingaraju was allegedly killed by his own sister.

Girl and lover started living in rented house

Police said Bhagyashree and Shivputra were friends since college days in Vijayapura district. This was not known to the family members, so they both went to Bangalore in the year 2015. Here they started living together in a rented house in a locality near Jigani area and started working in Jigani industrial area. After some time the family members came to know where both of them live.

When brother protested, he pacified like this

One day Bhagyashree’s brother Lingaraju came home. Where he comes to know that Shivputra and his sister are having an affair. When Lingaraju objected to this, there was a dispute between the brothers and sisters. It has been told that there was a fight between the two. In a scuffle Shivaputra and Bhagyashree kill Lingaraju to overpower him.

Both were living in Nashik by changing their identity

After the murder, both of them cut his body into pieces. The pieces were packed in individual bags. Police have claimed that the bag full of Lingaraju’s hands was left near a meat stall. While the other bags were thrown into a nearby lake. Police said they received information that the two were living in Maharashtra’s Nashik by adopting new identities. On this, a team probing the matter has arrested both of them from the spot.

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