Students said – will do screening on Rajnath Singh’s visit

BBC Documentary: A group of students of West Bengal’s Visva-Bharati University have said that they will watch the BBC documentary- “India; Screening of “The Modi Question”. Let us tell you that Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is going to visit the university this evening. Rajnath Singh will participate in some programs of the university including the convocation ceremony.

According to the information, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Minister of State for Education Subhash Sarkar will reach Bolpur-Shantiniketan late Thursday evening and attend the convocation on Friday morning. On the other hand, Bolpur Police has said that no permission has been given for the screening of the documentary. The police have warned the students not to attend the screening of the documentary.

Preparation for screening at Ratanpalli Nimtala Ghat at 6 pm

A group of students have decided to screen the BBC documentary at Ratanpally Nimtala Ghat inside the Visva-Bharati campus at 6 pm today, just a stone’s throw from the cultural venue where Rajnath Singh is about to watch Tagore’s musical Bhanu Singher Padavali at the same time. Are.

According to a student leader, as soon as we heard that Defense Minister Visva-Bharati was coming, we decided to screen the documentary as a silent protest against the freedom of expression.

BJP criticized the announcement of the students’ group

The announcement made by the university’s students’ group has drawn criticism from the BJP. BJP’s Birbhum district president Dhruba Saha said a student wing with links to Maoists had deliberately hatched such a plan to insult the defense minister.

He claimed that these fake leftists had tried to create a similar ruckus inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi over this documentary, though the people of the country do not trust them and are completely isolated from the people. Are.

What is the complete program of Rajnath Singh?

Rajnath Singh will reach Visva Bharati at around 5 pm today. He is scheduled to watch a cultural program at around 6.30 pm and then attend a meeting with Visva Bharati Vice Chancellor Vidyut Chakraborty. Tomorrow Rajnath Singh will be the chief guest at the convocation ceremony of the University.

Let us tell you that earlier the screening of the documentary was done by SFI, the leftist students’ wing of Presidency University and Jadavpur University, without the permission of any university authorities.

What is the BBC documentary controversy?

The BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question” is in two parts. The Central Government has criticized this documentary and said that this documentary lacks objectivity and reflects a colonial mindset.

On 21 January, the central government issued directions to block several YouTube videos and Twitter posts sharing links to the documentary. Several opposition parties condemned the government’s action and said they would oppose any censorship.

The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition seeking a complete ban on BBC in India in the wake of the controversial documentary. The court has termed the petition as completely wrong.

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