MC Stan wore such an expensive hat, people were shocked to know the price

Bigg Boss MC Stan Cap Cost: Bigg Boss will get its winner very soon. Presently the show is in its final phase and MC Stan has gained a lot of popularity in the house from the show. MC Stan is often known for his expensive outfits in the show.

MC Steyn also remains in many discussions due to expensive things and his dialogues also go viral on social media. This time too, MC Stan has not shied away from making headlines and has shown one side of his luxury lifestyle to everyone.

MC Steyn wears Lanciaga brand cap

Yes, this time MC has not surprised people with expensive clothes or shoes, but this time MC Stan has caught the attention of people with an expensive cap. Please tell that this time the hat Stan is wearing is of Balenciaga brand and its price is also very high. The price of cap of this brand starts from around 30 thousand rupees.

Got popularity from Bigg Boss

MC Stan, who made headlines in Bigg Boss, is a resident of Pune and his real name is Altaf Sheikh. Altaf Sheikh i.e. MC Stan started singing Qawwali at the age of 12. Along with this, Stan got popularity from the song ‘Wata’ and this song got about 21 million views on YouTube.

Stan is a well-known name in the hip-hop industry.

Along with this, MC Stan has also performed with famous rapper Raftaar and now Stan is being called India’s Tupac. MC Stan is now a well-known name in the hip-hop industry and before joining hip-hop, Stan used to do beatboxing and B-boying. Also, if we talk about Stan’s age, then he is only 23 years old and Stan has earned so much name and money in just 3-4 years.

Stan has this much net worth

If we talk about Stan’s net worth, then he has a net worth of around 50 lakhs. Along with this, MC Stan earns lakhs of rupees every month from his songs, concerts and YouTube. Stan is currently maintaining his place in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ and surprises everyone with his luxury lifestyle.

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