Students of two schools clashed in rehearsal of Republic Day parade, 43 recruited

Lucknow: The KD Singh Babu Stadium in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, became an arena on Tuesday. There was a clash between the students of two schools on the allegation of molestation.

Around 43 students were injured in the ruckus from both the sides. It has been told that the students of Sainik School and St. Joseph’s School were rehearsing for the Republic Day parade at the stadium.

Rehearsing for the Republic Day parade

According to the information, preparations for the Republic Day are going on at the KD Singh Babu Stadium in Lucknow. A large number of school students are also rehearsing here under the supervision of their teachers. Along with these, Army, PAC and Police contingents are also in the exercise. It has been told that rehearsal was going on for the preparations of the program on Tuesday. The parade started from Charbagh and reached the stadium via Vidhan Bhawan.

There was a scuffle between the students of both the schools.

It has been told that during this a scuffle broke out between the children of Sainik School and St. Joseph’s School. The children of St Joseph’s have alleged that two girl students in the band were passed comments by Sainik School students during rehearsals. The students of both the schools came face to face regarding this matter.

Students hurled belts at each other with scuffle. Police, PAC, school teachers and passers-by tried to stop this ruckus of students, but to no avail.

So many students were injured from both sides, the school made these allegations

It has come to light that a total of 35 students, including three girls of St. Joseph’s School, were injured in the brawl. Many students have head injuries. Eight students of Sainik School were also injured. After the incident, the officials of both the schools have demanded action from the administration.

The MD of St. Joseph’s School said that 172 school children were participating in the parade. While 106 children of soldiers were involved in the parade. Both the schools are also blaming each other.

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