Sidhu’s release may be postponed, approval not received

Navjot Singh Sidhu: The release of jailed Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on January 26 in the Road Raid case may be postponed. Sidhu’s premature release can be done only after the approval of the Punjab cabinet. The list of prisoners to be released so far has not been approved by the Punjab government.

cabinet seal yet to be done

Explain that the list of prisoners to be released is approved only after discussion in the cabinet meeting. At present, no meeting of the Punjab cabinet is proposed. ,Navjot Singh Sidhu) Due to this, there has been disappointment among the supporters of Sidhu. Now the news quoting the Punjab government is that the cabinet meeting to be held on February 1 has been called on February 3.

supporters are waiting for release

Sidhu’s supporters are eagerly waiting for his release. ,Navjot Singh Sidhu) Rahul Gandhi, who reached Punjab during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, had also raised the issue that Sidhu could be released prematurely because of his good behaviour. Rahul had even sent an invitation to him for the rally to be held in Srinagar. But so far no concrete decision related to Sidhu’s release has come to the fore.

power show preparation

At the same time, talk of Sidhu continuing in the Congress and giving him a bigger position in the party as soon as he was released from jail also started, but all these speculations are yet to materialize because the administrative level regarding Sidhu’s premature release is still pending. There has been no confirmation from any official or government representative. At present, Sidhu’s supporters have started chalking out his programs after his release and a show of strength will also be done by bringing him from jail in the form of a big rally on the streets of Patiala.

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