Fierce ruckus between police-public, chased the crowd by lathi charge

Saurav Kumar, Patna: There was a fierce ruckus between the police and the public in the capital on Tuesday. According to the information, the police of the bypass station had gone to raid the Mathani Tal area. After this, the police took a tea shopkeeper woman into custody here. After which the public got angry. The police also fired several rounds with weapons, after which public anger reached its peak. People got angry and started creating ruckus by burning tires on the road. The anger of the public increased so much that they reached to lay siege to the bypass police station. After which the police lathicharged the public and chased them away.

Accusation of the family of the tea shopkeeper – Police recovers

In this case, the relatives of the tea shopkeeper have accused the police of illegal recovery. Parij told that the police come to collect money and if money is not given, they are caught in liquor case and sent to jail. Police is continuously committing atrocities due to which the public is troubled. The situation in the area remains tense after the incident. On the other hand, the police say that an accused of attacking the police was arrested, in order to get him released, his mother came with some people to lay siege to the police station. Due to this the police lathicharged. For the time being the matter has calmed down.

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