Delhi government sent proposal to LG, demanding mayor elections on these 3 dates

Delhi mayor election: The Delhi government has demanded on Monday, February 3, 4 or 6, to elect a mayor and convene the MCD assembly. The government has sent this proposal to Governor VK Saxena. Earlier, the MCD had sent a proposal to the government for the elections on February 10.

dispute over dates

After the proposal of the Delhi government, there may be a dispute regarding the dates as well. Let us tell you that twice the house has become a victim of uproar regarding the mayor’s election in Delhi. Once the situation had reached a scuffle. The MCD House had to be adjourned twice due to ruckus during the election process.

That’s why the mayor could not be elected

Tell that MCD elections have been held in Delhi. But the mayor has not been selected yet. Political tussle is going on between AAP and BJP regarding the election of Delhi mayor. Earlier, the names of 10 aldermen to be nominated in MCD were announced.

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