Cracks widen in Joshimath after the earthquake!

Earthquake in Joshimath: Earthquake tremors shook Delhi-NCR on Tuesday afternoon, but people’s lives came to a halt when Joshimath in Uttarakhand also shook. People here are already in panic due to the cracking of houses and buildings. In the evening, the officials of Uttarakhand informed about the latest situation.

Several teams gathered in Joshimath after the earthquake

According to news agency ANI, Uttarakhand Disaster Management Secretary Ranjit Sinha said that earthquake tremors were felt in Joshimath today. Although their intensity was very less. The entire area has been inspected after the incident. No buildings were damaged. The survey team is continuously assessing the situation. We have to see whether today’s earthquake has widened the cracks in the buildings.

Preparation to provide pre-made home

The Disaster Secretary informed that the model of pre-fabricated houses will be completed soon for the rehabilitation of the people. Several private companies have shown interest in making pre-fabricated homes. Secretary Ranjit Sinha told that work on this project will be done soon.

problems due to rain and snowfall

He told that due to the recent rains and snowfall, the flow of water has increased in Joshimath, but there is nothing to worry. BRO has said that a team of MORTH has visited the site to inspect whether the work on the bypass road can be started or not.

Two options for rehabilitation

According to ANI, Chamoli DM Himanshu Khurana said that the administration is exploring various options for permanent rehabilitation of the affected families. One option is to give people money and freedom to settle wherever they want. Another option is to make land available for them.

Currently marked this place

He informed that the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) is constructing one, two and three BHK model pre-fabricated houses for the displaced families at Joshimath on land located near the Department of Horticulture, Herbal Research & Development Institute (HDRI).

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