After the Australia-Africa series, the final race is exciting, Sri Lanka can turn water on India’s dreams

World Test Championship Final 2023: The third and final match of the Test series being played between Australia and South Africa was played in Sydney. After winning the toss in this match, Australia followed up South Africa by batting and bowling well in the first innings. After which this match was drawn in the end. Due to the draw of this match, the race for the final of the World Test Championship has become even more difficult and the Indian team will have to do something special to reach the final.

World Test Championship Final 2023: India will have to do this work

Australia is still on top with 75.56% after the last match between Australia and South Africa was drawn. Her selection is almost confirmed though she has not been able to seal it after losing this match. At the same time, the Indian team is still present at number two in this table. India has 58.93 percent marks. Now if India has to reach the final, then it will have to beat Australia by a margin of 3-1 or more. The Border Gavaskar Trophy will be played between India and Australia from February 9, in which 5 matches will be played.

Sri Lanka can play, Africa depends on others

Sri Lanka’s team is present at number three in the World Cup points table and it also has a golden chance to reach this final. For this, Sri Lanka will have to win both the Test matches being played against New Zealand in March 2023, making a big upset. If Sri Lanka makes a clean sweep in this series and the Indian team does not beat Australia with a clean sweep, then it will play the final with Australia.

At the same time, due to this draw and after losing the series, South Africa’s chances are looking less. South Africa need to beat West Indies 2-0 to qualify for the final. Even after this, Africa would like Sri Lanka to lose a match while India should not win against Australia by a big margin. If this happens then Africa can qualify.

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