Virus attack on papaya plantation, huge loss to farmers

Papaya farmers in Beed district are in trouble. Fungal virus attack is increasing rapidly in papaya orchards. Because of this hundreds of acres of papaya plantations were destroyed. Farmers are facing loss of lakhs.

At present most of the farmers in Maharashtra are turning to horticulture instead of traditional farming and the area of ​​orchards is also increasing in many districts. But for the past one week, the fungal virus has attacked papaya so much that the orchards are starting to collapse. The attack of this virus on papaya plantations is increasing rapidly in most of the villages of Beed district. Due to which the farmers are suffering huge losses. Read agriculture news here.

Everyone focuses on eating more fruits in winter. Along with this, the demand for papaya is also increasing. But for the last one week, this virus has completely destroyed the papaya plantation. Farmers say that on one hand the area under fruiting is increasing, but we farmers are suffering huge losses due to diseases affecting fruiting.

The farmer suffered a loss of millions

Suresh Kale, a farmer living in Arvi village of Beed district, spent three lakh rupees and planted papaya in three and a half acres. But now this garden has to be cut only in the harvest season. Because the papaya was infected with a fungal virus and where he was hoping for an income of twenty lakh rupees, now he is not going to get even a single rupee.

At the same time, the spread of this fungal virus is increasing rapidly in Shirur taluka and the fruits have started falling in the 2 acre papaya orchard of farmer Rameshwar Bhonsale. The virus initially causes papaya fruit spotting and later rotting. Hence the farmers have to destroy these gardens themselves, which they have made by spending lakhs of rupees.

Effect of unseasonal rainfall

Farmers were expected to get good profits from papaya. But incessant rains destroyed papaya plantations and excess water rotted tree trunks, resulting in diseased papayas and rotting fruits. This has given rise to a fungus-like virus, and it is this virus that is now ravaging papaya plantations.

The outbreak of this virus has increased in areas where orchards have been cut during the monsoon season. Many farmers took steps for this but to no avail. Apart from this, the orchards of Pomegranate and Mosambi have also been badly affected by the incessant rains. Now once again the farmers are begging the government for help.

Pest attack on gardening

Although orchards are expanding by disrupting traditional agriculture, orchards are likely to suffer if not properly managed from planting to harvest. Apart from this, farmers are facing financial loss due to constantly changing environment, new diseases and viruses. Farmers of traditional crops such as soybeans and cotton have been affected by the return rains. Farmers have suffered due to heavy rains. Now due to this sudden virus, gardeners are also in financial crisis.

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