‘Those who do not have 10 MLAs, how can they become CM’, CM Gehlot targeted Pilot

Jaipur: On one hand, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is doing Bharat Jodo Yatra to win the trust of the people of the country. So, on the other hand, Congress leaders in Rajasthan are firing arrows at each other with statements. The latest case is about the statement made by Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot regarding Sachin Pilot. On Thursday, CM Gehlot said during an interview to a TV channel that who does not have the support of even 10 MLAs, how can he become the Chief Minister.

Let us tell you that after the political drama of September 25, this is considered to be the biggest attack of CM Gehlot on Sachin Pilot so far. Earlier, during the election of the Congress President, there was a big tussle regarding the leadership in Rajasthan, because Ashok Gehlot was considered to be the biggest contender for the post of Congress President.

Sachin Pilot not accepted as CM

CM Gehlot said during this interview that the high command in Rajasthan can make anyone the CM but no one will accept Sachin Pilot. He does not have the support of even ten MLAs, no one will accept him. Further, the CM said that he himself suffered for 34 days, but now any one of the 102 MLAs should be made the Chief Minister, but how can the person who has committed betrayal be made the CM.

BJP accused of funding

On the other hand, CM Gehlot, referring to Sachin Pilot’s 2020 rebellion, said that it was funded by the BJP. He also accused Pilot that Rs 10 crore was distributed during the rebellion, money was taken from BJP’s Delhi office. Gehlot said that during that time I have evidence of money transactions. Gehlot said that after the resentment, Pilot did not go to the Congress office but went to Manesar and BJP’s Dharmendra Pradhan used to meet there.

Said this about the rebellion

CM Gehlot said that the rebellion was not the one which was done by the MLAs 2 months ago by boycotting the Legislature Party meeting, but the rebellion was done by Sachin Pilot by taking his MLAs 2 years ago. He said that the MLAs who boycotted the Legislature Party two months back are Congress loyalists. Who had helped save the government by staying in the hotel for 34 days.

He told that the rebellion by the MLAs on September 25 did not happen at my behest. If even a single MLA says so, I will quit. He said that rumors were spread in front of the MLAs that Sachin Pilot would be made the Chief Minister and observers from Delhi would pass a one-line resolution.

Said about the post of CM – I am still there

On the other hand, on the question of staying in his CM post, Gehlot said that if you want to keep me, you can keep me, I am working continuously, but before 2023, if the face is changed as a pilot, no one will accept it. He further said that right now I am the CM of Rajasthan and looking at the situation in the state, it seems that the high command should take a proper decision while doing justice in the coming times.

There was a rebellion in September

Significantly, the name of Ashok Gehlot was being considered in the race for Congress President. Earlier, a meeting of the Legislature Party was called in Rajasthan, but more than 80 MLAs of the Gehlot camp boycotted the meeting. After this, when the discord was seen intensifying, Gehlot refused to become the president and apologized to the high command. Although he still remains on the post of CM and the Sachin Pilot camp often keeps on raising the demand that now Pilot should be made the Chief Minister by ousting him.

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