The first wild card contest came in the house

Mumbai: The first wild card contestant has entered the Bigg Boss 16 house. While on one hand Sumbul Taukeer broke down badly after having a heated argument with Shalin Bhanot, on the other hand best friend Fahman Khan has entered the house to cheer her up.

The makers have sent Fahman Khan, a close friend of Imlie fame Sumbul Touqueer, into the house as the first wild card contestant of the show. The latest promo released by the makers sees Fahman entering the show. Seeing him entering the house, Sumbul jumps with joy and runs to hug him.

Bigg Boss 16 First Wild Card Entry

In the video, as soon as Bigg Boss announces the entry of a new contestant, everyone runs to the exterior of the house from where Fahman Khan is seen walking in. Seeing them, Sumbul gets emotional and hugs Fahman tightly.

He can be heard saying ‘mera fahman aaya hai’. You were not going to come, were you? To this Fahman replied that ‘I thought you needed me.’ To this, the actress replied “I love you Fahman.” Not only this, Sumbul can be heard telling Sajid Khan that ‘now that he (Fahman) is here, I don’t need anyone else’.

Battle of Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqueer

Let me tell you, before Fahman’s entry, Shalin lashed out at Sumbul. After befriending him, it became difficult for Sumbul to stay at home. In the latest promo, a fierce fight was also seen between Sumbul, Shali and Tina.

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