PM Modi Surat Roadshow Live: Prime Minister Modi will start the roadshow in a short while, know the meaning of this show of strength

PM Modi Surat Roadshow: The first phase of Gujarat assembly elections is to be held on December 1. The BJP has started finalizing its preparations for the elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a 30 kilometer long roadshow in Surat, which is called the stronghold of BJP.

PM Modi will reach Surat airport. From here his roadshow will cover a distance of about 30 kms. PM Modi will be welcomed at various places on the way before Modi reaches the venue of Abram’s public meeting from the airport. The Prime Minister will greet the crowd and slowly his motorcade will move forward. The area of ​​8 assembly constituencies of Surat city has been covered during the route of this road show.

Why the roadshow of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Surat?

Surat is considered to be a bastion of BJP, but this time in Surat BJP is afraid of losing some seats in its bastion. The reason for this fear is the resentment of Patidar voters in six out of 12 seats in Surat. To remove this displeasure, the BJP has fielded leaders from the state to the central level. Now, as a last ditch effort, the Prime Minister himself is entering the field of Surat.

There is also a possibility that Modi will campaign from house to house

There is also a possibility that Prime Minister Modi will go door-to-door campaigning this time before the public meeting to be held in Surat. According to sources, it will not be an official door-to-door campaign but a visit to the Gokuldham Society near the public hall. Surat’s Patidar leaders live in this community and have influence over many Patidar voters. In such a situation, the Prime Minister can also make a strategic start to remove the displeasure of the Patidar community by visiting some houses of the Gokuldham Society. According to Surat Collector Ayush Oak, Prime Minister Modi will spend the night at Surat Circuit House.

Why PM Modi’s meeting in Abrams?

Surat city has six assembly constituencies dominated by Patidar voters. Here the equations have changed after the entry of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). There is now a direct contest between BJP and AAP on all these six seats. In such a situation, if the Prime Minister himself comes to Abrama village and conducts a public meeting, the message can be given to all the six Patidar-dominated seats simultaneously. There are total 12 seats in Surat city and BJP candidates from all these seats will be called in Abrami’s public meeting. In such a situation, a message will be given to the Patidars by calling all the faces of the BJP in a public meeting in Surat city.

Let us tell you that on December 1, there will be voting under the first phase for the 182-member assembly of the state. The second phase of polling will be held on December 5 and the counting of votes will take place on December 8.

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