PM Modi said, did so much work for the farmers, a car with four bangles goes to fill sacks of money

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: Due to the assembly elections in Gujarat, political activities are on the rise. Here for the last two days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been holding election meetings and seeking votes in favor of the BJP. In this episode, PM reached Bavla on Thursday evening. Addressing the people here, he said that the BJP government has started many development schemes for the farmers in the surrounding areas like Bavla, Sanand etc. The effect of which was that the farmers of these districts had to bring money counting machines. Addressing the people further, he said that the people of this place filled sacks in rickshaws and reached to take a car with four bangles.

today’s four meetings

PM Modi held four meetings in Gujarat today. The Prime Minister first addressed a public meeting at Palanpur. From here he reached Modasa. Then further she held an election meeting in Dehgam and then in Bavla. During this, the PM who reached Palanpur while addressing the rally said that today when I come to Palanpur, my attention goes to 5P. PM said that 5P stands for Tourism, Environment, Water, Livestock and Nutrition which are visible in developed Gujarat and Palanpur. He said that if you look at this place carefully, you will know how straight a roadmap is in my heart for my Banaskantha and my Gujarat and for the whole of India.

Gujarat is going to become green hydrogen hub

The PM said in the rally that India is making its name famous in the environment all over the world. We are successfully moving towards changing the perception that India will spoil the environment of the world. He said that everyone was surprised when the solar park was built near Radhanpur, but now everyone comes to see it. This is going to become our Gujarat Green Hydrogen Hub.

target on congress

Earlier, the PM said at a rally in Bhavnagar on Wednesday – Congress did two things for water. If there is a political connection, get a handpump installed and if there is work, run a tanker. He said- When I talked about giving water through pipeline, some people of Congress made fun of me, but I made salt water sweet with technology.

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