Know the story of Ramesh Chauhan, owner of Bisleri who created brands like Thums Up Limca Maaza | Not just Bisleri, Ramesh Chauhan stood up desi brands like Limca and Thums Up

Today, when India is running a campaign like Vocal 4 Local, then it becomes very important for you to know the story of Ramesh Chauhan. This is the man who gave birth to many big Indian brands including Thums Up and Limca as well as Bisleri to name a few.

Not only Bisleri, Ramesh Chauhan had created indigenous brands like Limca and Thums Up

Talks going on with Tata Group to sell Ramesh Chauhan’s Bisleri

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It takes a person’s whole life to build a business and brand, sometimes it even reaches generations. Ramesh Chauhan to you (Ramesh Chauhan) Must be interested to know the story of A.S., who created not one or two, but many big brands in his lifetime. Not only this, the brand he created is the entrepreneurship of India. (Indian Entrepreneurship) Be the identity of Indian brand to Indians (India Super Brand) As the concept was explained and recognized worldwide.

Bought Bisleri for just 4 lakhs

Thinking of selling bottled water in a country like India is a very risky idea in itself. This risk was first taken by two people named Dr. Rossi and Khushru Suntook and started Bisleri in 1965. But this brand was accessible only to the rich and tourists and the work of bringing it to the common man was done by Parle’s Chauhan Brothers or Ramesh Chauhan.

Ramesh Chauhan engaged Dr. Rossi in Thane in 1969 Bisleri Water Plant Bought. then this deal just 4 lakh rupees Happened in. Today this brand has become worth more than Rs 7,000 crore. The news is that Ramesh Chauhan will now take this brand to Tata. (Tata Group) Want to sell and for this talks are going on between the two companies. Ramesh Chauhan not only took Bisleri to every corner of the country, but today it is the leader of the Indian packaged water market. Apart from this, Bisleri company is also the owner of premium mineral water brand like Vedika, soda water brand Urja.

This is how the Thums Up brand was built

Ramesh Chauhan did not just give Indians a bottled water brand like Bisleri. In fact, when Coca-Cola pulled out of India in 1977 after the formation of the Janata government, Ramesh Chauhan’s Parle (Parle Bisleri) The company created a brand like Thums Up.

The unique taste of Thums Up created tremendous inroads among the people. Chauhan has partnered with Cola in Thumsup to make his mark in the market. Cinnamon and Nutmeg Mixes the unique sharpness of The magic of its taste was such that later in 1993, Coca-Cola (Coke) pepsi (weight) But to make an edge, bought Thumsup and made it an international brand.

While Ramesh Chauhan sharpened its taste to create a market for Thums Up among Indians, while linking its brand image with ‘masculinity’, it became a Macho Drink promoted as With changing times, Coca-Cola made it a Adventure Drink Make.

Limca made before Thums Up

Shortly before launching Thums Up in the Indian market, Ramesh Chauhan had also made lemon flavored Limca. It was also launched in 1977 itself and its formula was also prepared by Parle Bisleri itself. Coca-Cola not only bought Ramesh Chauhan’s Thums Up brand, but also bought Limca. You may be surprised to know that apart from these brands Maaza, Citra And Gold Spot Brands like this are also the gift of Ramesh Chauhan.

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