‘If India doesn’t play Asia Cup in Pakistan then…’, Rameez Raja made a big statement

New Delhi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Rameez Raja has given a big statement. Rameez Raja says that if India does not play Asia Cup in Pakistan then Pakistan will not play ODI World Cup in India next year. Talking to Urdu News, Rameez said – We have kept a clear stand on this matter. If Team India comes here, we will also go to India to play the World Cup.

will be aggressive

Rameez Raja said- If they don’t come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, they will play the World Cup next year without us. He further said – We will take an aggressive stand regarding this. Our team is doing well and I have always said that we need to improve the economy of Pakistan cricket and that is possible only when we play well. Rameez further said – Last year we defeated India in the World Cup. We beat India in the Asia Cup as well. The Pakistan team has defeated the Billion Dollar Economy team twice.

Jai Shah has given statement

In fact, the discussion on next year’s Asia Cup to be held in Pakistan has intensified as BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has said that the Asia Cup will be organized at a neutral venue. However, if this happens then the hosting of the Asia Cup will be snatched away from Pakistan.

However, Jay Shah had also said that we will not comment on whether the government decides on allowing the team to go to Pakistan or not. For the 2023 Asia Cup, it has been decided that the tournament will be held at a neutral venue. Jai Shah is also the president of the Asian Cricket Council, which organizes the Asia Cup. Since this statement of Jai Shah, Pakistan cricket has been in complete disarray.

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