Has there been cheating with Bangladesh? Shakib Al Hasan gave a big statement

New Delhi: There was a lot of controversy in the match played between India and Bangladesh as part of the T20 World Cup on Wednesday. The Bangladesh captain was seen discussing with the umpires. However, after the defeat of Bangladesh, his cricket fans are alleging that there was cheating against Bangladesh. Despite the slippery ground, the match was started early. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, however, refused to complain about the early resumption of the match after the rain. Instead they said they panicked while chasing the given target with the DLS method. He figured most teams would have done the same.

no one talked in the dressing room

Bangladesh had scored 66 for 0 in seven overs. Bangladesh team was 17 ahead of DLS par score. When the game resumed, Liton Das slipped twice while running off the first two balls. The second of them saw him lose his wicket. Shakib said about the resumption of the match- “No one in our dressing room talked about fair or unfair.” “We wanted to play. We wanted to win. Everyone tried their best, but we could not achieve the target.

That’s what the umpires decide

Shakib was asked how were the initial conditions, did he want the match to start after 10-15 minutes? Shakib said, ‘That’s what the umpires decide. “We don’t make that decision. We are there to play cricket. Both the teams wanted to play the full 20 overs. Unfortunately the match was interrupted by rain. I am happy the way both the teams played. It was played in the right spirit. Both teams actually played. Admittedly, we were very close like the 2016 World Cup, but not close enough.” Shakib continued, “The more it rained, the more slippery it was.” “But generally it suits the batting side rather than the bowling side. We shouldn’t make it an excuse.”

Liton Das should have been careful

Shakib even said that Liton Das could have shown awareness after slipping for the first time. He probably should have run to the edge of the pitch and not the grass. While taking the second run, Liton slipped but did not fall like the first time when he also suffered a wrist injury. “It was unfortunate that Liton slipped, but I don’t know whether he ran on the pitch or in the grass between the pitches,” Shakib said. “If he had run on the grass, he should have been careful and should have run on the pitch next time.”

T20 matches change every over

Shakib spoke of a combination of lack of batting experience and nervousness after the match started. He said- “We were taking a lot of rest in the dressing room. We knew what was coming our way. When we got the target of 85 runs in 9 overs, we said that we will complete it with wickets in hand.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar had bowled three overs by then. Shakib said- You accept that challenge and chase it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that. Maybe we got nervous playing too many shots in the middle order. We lost momentum in two-three overs. Nurul Hasan and Taskin Ahmed could have won. T20 matches change every over. If you look at the last two overs, many teams can now score 30 runs in the last two overs. We couldn’t do that, but we can take a lot of positivity out of this game.”

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