FIFA World Cup 2022: After scoring the first goal, this player refused to celebrate, knowing the reason you will also salute

Fifa world cup 2022: The excitement of the FIFA World Cup continues in Qatar. On Thursday, Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0 to register their first win in the tournament. Briel Embolo scored for Switzerland in the 48th minute just after half time. While Cameroon’s team could not score any goal. Only one goal was scored in this whole match.

In the first half of the match, both the teams performed brilliantly. Till the first hop, both the teams were seen counter-attacking each other. During this, Cameroon’s team appeared more aggressive than Switzerland, but till the first half the score of both the teams was 0-0. After this the match turned in the second half.

Match reversed in the second half

In the second half, Cameroon created a total of seven chances to score, four of which were on target but failed to hit the target, while Switzerland had eight attempts and one shot on goal.

Braille Embolo did not celebrate after scoring

Switzerland striker Briel Embolo scored the winning goal, but refused to celebrate. When he approached after scoring a goal, he stood with his hands in the air and his eyes on the ground.

Braille Embolo did not celebrate because of this

Actually, Braille Embolo did not celebrate his first goal in this World Cup because he was born in Cameroon. Today, when he played against the Cameroon team, he did not celebrate keeping in mind the spirit of the country. Some people are telling it right and are praising him on Twitter.

Left Cameroon at the age of 5

In fact, Brale Embolo moved to France at the age of 5 from Cameroon with his mother after the separation of his parents. After going to France, he came to Switzerland. In Switzerland, Embolo’s mother married his stepfather, who is a Swiss.

Braille Embolo was found in 2014

Brill Embolo then moved to Basel, where he joined the youth ranks of city club FC Basel. After this, when he made his debut for Basel in 2014, Braille Embolo got Swiss citizenship.

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