Do the umpires in me…? Shakib-al-Hasan breaks silence in press conference

New Delhi: Team India won by 5 runs in the 35th match of the T20 World Cup played between India and Bangladesh. Rain disturbed the match and Bangladesh were given a target of 151 runs in 16 overs according to the Duckworth-Lewis method. However, before the rain, Bangladesh had scored 66 runs in 7 overs. Liton Das was batting brilliantly, but after the re-match, he was run out after scoring 60 runs.

‘Cheating’ and ‘umpires’ are trending on social media after Bangladesh’s defeat. In fact, Bangladesh fans allege that the umpires deliberately started the match on a wet ground to make Team India win. He also alleged that the umpires ignored the words of captain Shakib-al-Hasan. Photos of Shakib talking to the umpires are going viral. However, amidst these allegations, the Bangladesh captain has broken the silence.

Have you tried to persuade the umpires?

A reporter asked Shakib in the press conference that did you try that the match should not start after the rain? Shakib said on this – did we have any option other than this? After this the reporter asked him – did you try to convey him? On this Shakib said – Whom? So the reporter said- Umpires and Rohit Sharma.

Do I have the ability to persuade the umpires?

Shakib said on this question – do I have the ability to persuade the umpires. On this the reporter asked him another question. He said- Then what were you talking to him about Bangladesh? Shakib said – Now you have asked the right question. He called me and Rohit Sharma and told about the target. Umpires told how many overs are left, what are the playing rules. Then the reporter asked – did you accept it? On this, Shakib was shocked and said – Yes, absolutely. The reporter said- Beautiful, thank you. And thus Shakib stopped speaking on this whole controversy.

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