Air India’s new guideline released, crew will have to do this work from tomorrow

New Delhi: Air India is constantly reinventing itself after being taken over by the Tata Group. After the airline issued a grooming circular for its cabin crew in October, it has now issued new guidelines for the look of cabin crew.

If you reduce the work on the head, then do the complete shave.

In the new guideline issued, it was said that if someone has less hair on his head, then he should shave completely. On the other hand, even if an employee is traveling as a passenger after duty, he will have to dress up according to the duty guidelines.

Sleeveless, hot pants, short skirts and torn jeans will not work

Further in the guideline issued by the airline, it was said that if a cabin crew travels even during leave, then he should wear smart casuals. Instead of casuals, he cannot wear sleeveless, hot pants, short skirts and torn jeans. It has been clearly stated in the new instructions that if the crew members are not prepared according to the rules then action will be taken against them and they will have to improve before boarding.

nail paint and lipstick matching

It has also been told in the guideline how women will wear sarees. Women must wear formal court shoes. The women crew have also been asked to apply matching nail paint and lipstick. If the nails are short then they have to apply skin color paint.

not wearing sunglasses

At the same time, male employees have been told not to come in beard. The male crew must carry shaving kit. It has also been said in the guideline that no one will wear sunglasses inside the airport after wearing the dress. Apart from this, crew members have been prevented from posting religious, political and company-related matters on social media. Explain that the airline has set a target of 30 percent domestic and international market share in the next 5 years. Which is currently 10 percent in the domestic and 12 percent in the international market. Due to which the company is constantly making changes in the operations of the airline.

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