A 3-month-old child suddenly disappeared from the house of a sleeping woman, then remembered the ‘Mathura Junction incident’

UP News: In Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj district, a three-month-old child sleeping near his mother went missing under suspicious circumstances on Saturday night. There was uproar in the family when the child was not found in the morning. In a hurry, the matter has been informed to the police.

Police and forensic teams have reached the spot and started investigating the matter. The family members are apprehensive of untoward incident. Please tell that in August a child was also stolen from Mathura railway junction. The accused was captured in the CCTV camera. The police arrested him after several days of investigation.

When I saw in the morning, the child was missing from the house.

The incident is of village Kumraua in Soron Kotwali area of ​​Kasganj district. According to information, Rita, wife of Ravindra, who lives here, was sleeping at home on Saturday night with her three-month-old son Ishaan. When his eyes opened at four in the morning on Sunday, he was shocked. At first he thought that someone from the family must have taken the child, but after questioning all the people, it came to know that the son was nowhere, so there was chaos in the house.

Police officers investigating, Video

Officers and forensic team including SP reached

The family members immediately informed the police about the matter. On the information of child theft, SP BBGTS Murthy, CO Sahawar DK Pant, police station and forensic team, besides dog squad also reached the spot. The spot was closely inspected. At the same time, SP Kasganj has given instructions to recover the child as soon as possible and search for the accused. There has been uproar in the family members after the incident.

Innocent was stolen from Mathura Junction in the same way

Let us tell you that on August 26 this year, the accused had stolen a seven-month-old child from a sleeping woman on a platform of Mathura Railway Junction. The accused was captured in the CCTV camera. The Railway Police and the District Crime Branch then recovered the child from a woman corporator in Firozabad. Along with this, the child thief gang was also exposed.

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